• Fought against injustice & tyranny

    Today 21st December we commemorate the Shaheedi Divas of Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Ji and Sahibzada Baba Jujhar Singh Ji, the elder two princes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj and all loyal warriors, in the Battle of Chamkaur Sahib.

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  • New Month: Poh

    14th December | "In the month of Poh, the cold does not touch those, whom the Husband Lord hugs close in His Embrace." -Guru Granth Sahib (Ang 135) Read More
  • Baba Fateh Singh

    Today Marks the Birthday of our brother, Sahibzada Akali Baba Fateh Singh Ji! The Youngest Prince of King of Kings Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj (12th December)

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  • Jatinderpal Singh

    Sikh Soldier, Jatinderpal Singh making history by guarding Buckingham Palace while wearing his Turban | An Inspiration to all.

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Sikh Calender

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Starting in 1999 all religious holidays will be observed according to the newly modified Nanakshahi Calendar. The years of the Nanakshahi calendar start with the birth of Guru Nanak Dev in 1469, 1998 is considered Nanakshahi 530. The modification is that now the calendar is based on the length of the tropical solar year, instead of the lunar cycle, meaning that dates will not fluctuate from year to year as they did previously. The Sikh New Year begins with Chet 1 which in the Common Era calendar is March 14, in 1999 and it will be the year 531 Nanakshahi.

Sikh Month
Common Era Date for
Beginning of Month
March 14
April 14
May 15
June 15
July 16
August 16
September 15
October 15
November 14
December 14
January 13
February 12

khanda Gurpurbs khanda

Guru Parkash
Gur Ghaddhi
Jyoti Jot
Guru Nanak Dev Katik Pooranmashi* from Parkash Asu 8
September 22
Guru Angad Dev Vaisakh 5
April 18
Asu 4
September 18
Vaisakh 3
April 16
Guru Amar Das Jeth 9
May 23
Vaisakh 3
April 16
Asu 2
September 16
Guru Ram Das Asu 25
October 9
Asu 2
September 16
Asu 2
September 16
Guru Arjan Dev Vaisakh 19
May 2
Asu 2
September 16
Harh 2
June 16
Guru Hargobind Harh 21
July 5
Jeth 28
June 11
Chet 6
March 19
Guru Har Rai Magh 19
January 31
Chet 1
March 14
Katik 6
October 20
Guru Harkrishan Sawan 8
July 23
Katik 6
October 20
Vaisakh 3
April 16
Guru Tegh Bahadur Vaisakh 5
April 18
Vaisakh 3
April 16
Maghar 11
November 24
Guru Gobind Singh Poh 23
January 5
Maghar 11
November 24
Katik 7
October 21
Guru Granth Sahib Bhadon 17
September 1
Installation in Golden Temple by Guru Arjan Dev
Katik 6
October 20

* Guru Nanaks birthday has been traditionally celebrated on Katik Poornamashi. Althought the correct birth date has been established as Vaisakh 1 (April 14), it will continue to be celebrated on Katik Poornamashi until such time as it is changed to Vaisakh 1. Katik Pooranmashi in 1999 is on November 23 and in 2000 is on November 11.

khanda Other Religious Observances khanda

Event Date
Creation of the Khalsa
Vaisakh 1
April 14
Martyrdom of Guru
Gobind Singhs Elder Sons
Poh 8
December 21
Martyrdom of Guru
Gobind Singhs Younger Sons
Poh 13
December 26


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